I’m a mother of two and wife of one. All three individuals are the stars in my sky, the loves of my life and the thorns in my side. I used to have a 5 year plan, now I plan in one hour segments. And my goals have changed. If the children are still alive at the end of the day and my husband is beside me on the lounge, I’ve succeeded.

I’ve been making this nest all my life. Every decision made at sliding door moments, from the decisions mum made for me as a child, to the ones I made on my own in the big world, have added twigs and feathers to my nest. I’m right where I want to be, despite some questionable turns made in my 20’s, in the nest I’ve made for myself.

And the food! I love to cook, feed and eat. Feeding people is what I love to do and mostly the reviews are good, except when the comments are coming from children. The day they say, 'Yum, that was delicious!' is the day I'll... well... I'll probably blog about it.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog about family, friends and food, but not necessarily in that order.

Brisbane, Australia

‘I love my house, I love my nest. In all the world this nest is best.’ P.D. Eastman, The Best Nest.